The Technology Center to Promote Healthy Lifestyles (TecHealth) is a South Carolina SmartState Center focused on research to develop and evaluate health promotion programs which encourage healthy lifestyles and reduce risk of disease by incorporating technology. New and emerging technologies hold great promise for creating novel intervention approaches, as well as enhancing existing interventions with the addition of technological elements. Technology affords the ability to expand geographic reach of evidence-based interventions and to access underserved populations with programs which promote healthier lifestyles. The TecHealth research portfolio includes projects that address these domains, as well as efforts to explore how technology can be used to improve the assessment of lifestyle behaviors. TecHealth is also focused on training of the next generation of scholars who seek to promote healthy lifestyles through the use of technology.


Harnessing the Cognitive Power of IBM Watson to Enhance Academic Research, the April Tech Tuesday Talk presentation is now online.  For additional information about the presentation or questions about IBM Watson, please contact TecHealth Entrepreneur in Residence, Jim Stritzinger.

When Chelsea Larsen was an undergraduate studying kinesiology at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, a graduate teaching assistant in her exercise physiology class asked if any of the students wanted to get involved in research. “On a whim, I said yes,” says Larsen, who calls it easily one of the best decisions she ever made. “She really cultivated my passion for research, and she is one of the main reasons I’m where I am today.”  Learn More

Looking back, Christine Pellegrini identifies her time in London as a major turning point in her career trajectory. Sports and physical activity had always been important to the Chicago native, but she became interested in behavior change and obesity treatment during her semester abroad as an undergraduate at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  Learn More

Physical activity was simply a way for TecHealth and HPEB faculty member, Courtney Monroe to have fun when she was growing up. Now it’s her calling. Add emerging technologies to the mix, and she has found what is shaping up to be a lifelong pursuit.  Learn More

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